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Nevo is a leading French design brand specialised in smart timepieces, born from the idea that fashion and technology can live hand in hand without sacrificing style.

Nevo created traction in late 2014 with a successful campaign on Indiegogo, launching the first minimalist smart watch with activity tracking, Swiss movement, phone notifications and more.

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With the first Nevo campaign, we collected a tremendous amount of information by shipping Nevo watches to more than 70 different countries all over the world. From this unique experience, we understood that form and function should coexist and that people desire a beautifully designed watch with meaningful features.

The Nevo system is a simple tracking/monitoring tool and smartphone companion that includes a complete ecosystem of analog connected watch collections and apps that can benefit everyone trying to improve their health and live an active life.

At Nevo, we believe in bringing up-to-date technology to the traditional watch world without sacrificing style and simplicity.

Headquartered in Lille France, Nevo products are distributed worldwide. Nevo is accelerated by the EMIE lab in Shenzhen China, a hardware accelerator and investment company.

Nevo is a trademark owned by Emie Technology Ltd and registered in France, United States and other countries.  


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