Minimalist smartWatch


The Nevo watch is an understated smart timepiece, designed for limitless styling occasions.


The new Nevo watch comes to life in different unique styles, combining the timeless beauty of analog design and the latest advancements in technology for activity tracking, phone notifications and more. Nevo is a simple smartwatch that looks slim on your wrist and keeps you connected. This is Nevo, a timeless minimalist watch for active people.


Focus on what is important!

Nevo Balade Parisienne edition ups the style stakes. Analogue hybrid fitness tracker arrives in four new styles.
— Wareable
Such ‘stylish’ devices as the Nevo Balade mark a very significant part of the wareables market and its future.
— the5Krunner
As far as watches go, the nevo Balade Parisienne smartwatch is a fantastic, slick looking watch.
— Tachaeris

There is a Nevo watch for everyone


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